High-end acoustics by famous studio designer Mischa Jacobi.
Live-room, office kitchen and chill-room with 65inch tv.
Secure private parkingspace.
15 min drive from Amsterdam Schiphol airport.

Main equipment

ATC Professional SCM45A PRO. Neumann KH 310 D,A.
Dual 15inch Subwoofer custombuild by Mischa Jacobi.
Universal Audio Apollo 8 quad Thunderbolt.
SPL Phonitor 2. Grace Design M905. Ableton Live.
Studio build by  architectural and electro-acoustic designer
Mischa Jacobi for the top DJ’s in the world.


“Sound is one of the very essences of life. Sound was there long before mankind came into existence. Sound is so much more than air in motion. It is emotion. When it reaches the ears, enters the head and touches the heart. The sound of thunder, the whispering wind, the ocean, a forest, birds, human voices, music… Sounds come and go in endless varieties”

Read full story on the website of Mischa Jacobi